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I am the Government & Economics teacher in the Arts & Humanities Academy at Berkeley High School. The blogs in this collection are a collaborative project as part of the coursework for approximately 60 BHS seniors as they navigate the murky waters of national politics and finances.

Swarmwise: What is a Swarm?

A swarm is a new kind of activism. Read THIS article from Falkvinge.net (a Swedish info and activism site.)

In a post on your own page define this new definition of “swarm” and identify THREE characteristics of this phenomenon.

Then answer the following question (here):

Would you swarm? If so how/why/for what?

  1. sacredhonor answered: I would swarm for legalization of marijuana. Assuming the rest of the swarm was sober enough to get active. Tarzan was here :D
  2. inkedgovernment answered: A “swarm” is a non-hierarchical organization of people that share a common goal. They’re quick, devoted, and practical.
  3. marcelosgov answered: Yes I would, by sharing the info through internet links in social networks. I’d swarm for something that I’m passionate about.
  4. asakisgov answered: I would only if i strongly believed in the organization. For now, there is nothing that I would take a part of.
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